Artwork for Environmental Awareness

Artwork for Environmental Awareness

Artwork has always raised awareness while depicting change. For this reason, artwork for environmental awareness is important, as it can illustrate the challenges that the planet faces. Our previous articles have summarized some of the basic notions of this activity.

The Artists

Environmental artists have been praised not only for the great works they create, but also for raising awareness about the environmental problems our planet faces. The term environmental art is very broad, and it includes a number of different practices and movements. Land art, Earth art, Sustainable art, Conceptual Art – these are only a few movements that can be described under this umbrella. That is why environmental artists are using a wide range of media, techniques and styles.

The messages

As we have said, art can be a useful tool to raise Environmental Awareness. On this note, as can be seen by the above work by Chris Jordan, Albatross-chick on Midway Island, the aim can be to make a statement. Therefore, the albatross which is full of plastic in its stomach wants to remind us of what we may not realize we are doing to the planet.

Although not specifically defined, environmental art aims to help us understand nature. It is concerned with environmental forces and materials; it re-envisions humans’ relations with nature and remediates damaged environments.

In the case of Land and Earth Art, the artists effectively use open spaces to depict the state of nature. Sustainable and conceptual art try to depict higher levels of concepts to give even stronger messages (like the one above).

The relevance

As we have said, forms of art have always depicted the state of events during historical periods. Today, environmental art can be seen as a way to raise awareness on the state of the planet.

We find that artwork for environmental awareness is very relevant, and we will be looking into specific SeArt that has been useful for the environment.

In the above images you can find Agnes Denes (the so-called grandmother of environmental art) – Wheatfield, a Confrontation, as well as Chris Jordan, Albatross-chick on Midway Island.

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