SeaforChange, the Sea to promote change

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SeaforChange, the Sea to promote change

Almost from the start, 2020 was noted for being a hard year. A year that will remain in history for the virus, the health emergency which quickly became a pandemic. We have learnt to reduce our social relations, to stay at a distance from each other and, finally, to wear a face mask for our health and that of others. However, this has not stopped us completely. Indeed, SeaforChange , the Sea to promote change, came to be.

Beautiful coral scenes with vibrant fish life and divers

How it came to be

Being very close to issues that regard the environment and sustainability, the editor Mediasfera Srl decided to begin this new adventure. The desire to change things, giving clear and concise information, were decisive in starting this new online newspaper. In the centre, the safeguard of the Planet starting from the Sea. Hence, during the pandemic the launching of this project which acquired its full capacity after the Summer break.

In the name, our vision

Seaforchange, exactly this, the Sea to promote change. And in the letters “SEA”, Sustainability, Economy, Ambient (environment), the summary of our plan to save our planet starting from the Sea.

So as to allow maximum space to our ideas and to increase awareness that with the Sea we can change the future of our Planet, a couple of featured columns were created: The Sea on a Motorway, an observatory on the Motorways of the Sea that allows us to analyze the sea transport system and sustainability together with experts; The Sea in a Coffee, dedicated to video and audio interviews where we chat about sustainability and the sea with researchers; the English section to reach and connect with as many people as possible on these issues.

Lots of news in 2021

Lots of news awaits in 2021 on our website, on our Youtube channel, on our social networks; Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter!

We are working on scientific analysis with some experts that we hope can raise awareness thanks to clear and concise communication on our behalf!

Best wishes to all our readers for a sustainable 2021!

Save the earth concept.

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